Aloha Cape Town!

Aloha Cape Town!

This is the capital city of South Africa and is incidentally one of the oldest.

Back in time, Cape Town was used by the Dutch East India Company as a refreshment stop for its ships.

The city was the first place where Europeans settled, and as the place developed into a metropolis, it took on the name, ‘Mother City’.

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Residents of this city call themselves ‘Capetonians’ with pride.

With a high literacy rate of 85.2%, the vibe in this city is super friendly.

The two major religions in the city are Christianity and Islam.

And the inhabitants of the city have jobs mostly in information technology, finance, clothing, transport service or they own their private businesses.


This city is a vast metropolis, and many of its architecture is based on European style. The city is home to many museums, churches, universities and parks.

Climate and People

The winters of Cape Town are wet and cool while the summers are warm and dry. The average yearly temperature is about 17 degrees Celsius.


Cape Town has the title of most populous city of South Africa after Johannesburg, with a population of 433,688.

People of colour make up about 42.4% of the population. Other groups of people include -

Black Africans: 38.6%
White: 15.7%
Asian: 1.4%
Others: 1.9%


Cape Town is a multi-lingual city. Some of the languages include:


Places worth checking out!

1. Table Mountain

Want to know how it is to gaze directly from one of the Seven Wonders of the World?

Head straight to the trek towards Table Mountain and don’t look back.

Once you’re at the top, you will be gazing towards the Table Mountain National Park, a masterpiece endowed to us by Mother Nature.

The stunning beauty will make your trip worth legendary!

2. Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden

Know what ‘Boomslang’ is?

Visit the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden to find out!

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Shaped like a tree snake, the Centenary Tree Canopy Walkway is a twisty and curvy steel and timber bridge present in the garden. You’ll know how special it is when you walk on it yourself!

3. Robben Island

Robben Island is a UNESCO world heritage site.

At the time of the Dutch East India Company, this place was used as a prison.

Nelson Mandela was under imprisonment for a very long period in this exact place.

You can only access this place via a tour, so make sure to plan your trip!

Some of the other places worth seeing in Cape Town include: 

Cape of Good Hope
Boulders Penguin Colony
District Six Museum
Groot Constantia

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