Greetings from Durban!

Greetings from Durban!

 Situated in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban is proudly South Africa’s third largest city and home to the country’s most used seaport.

 The city wasn’t always called Durban. In fact, until 1935 the place wasn’t even a city, just a town.

The place was previously known as Port Natal. Its current name ‘Durban’ was given to it by Sir Benjamin D’Urban.

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Did you know? Durban has the highest number of Indians living in a country other than India.
The city boasts a literacy rate of about 93.1% - one of the highest in the country.

Locals in Durban work in different sectors like
Government administration


Durban is a blend of multiple cultures.

The city hosts a variety of cultural sites and is home to several museums, parks and temples.

It’s also where the University of KwaZulu-Natal is situated.

And all year long the city is rocking with appealing events hosted at the Moses Mabhida stadium.

Climate and People

Durban is a sub-tropical city.

It has a pleasant average temperature of 25°C.

The very coldest weather in the city is a cool 18 °C in June.

You’ll find pleasant sunshine in August. And the best time to go for a swim would be in January when the sea temperature is a comfortable 26°C.


According to statistics, Durban has a small population of 595,061 people.

Black Africans make up 68.30% of the population. While the rest of the population is divided like so -

Asians: 19.90%
Whites: 8.98%
Coloured: 2.89%


Just so you know. These upcoming languages are spoken in Durban (and we’ve added the percentage of people for your convenience - because you rock!)

English: 49.75%
Zulu: 33.12%
Xhosa: 5.92%
Afrikaans: 3.59%
Other languages: 4.17%

Unique Places in the City

1. Campbell Collections gallery

Are you an art enthusiast? Then this is a place you have to visit!

The Museum stores documents and artefacts that were gathered by Dr Killie Campbell and her dad, Sir Marshall Campbell ( the township ‘KwaMashu’ has its name after him), and they contain vital historical records of early Natal and Zulu culture.

2. Moses Mabhida Stadium

Watched the 2010 FIFA World Cup? It was here!

This outstanding stadium was made especially for FIFA. And it has 56,000 seats.

Fun Fact: The Arch of the stadium is 106 meters above the ground, and people can go bungee jumping from the arch, on a ride known as the Big Swing.

3. uShaka Marine World

Did you know? This is one of the biggest aquariums in the world!

It has two zones, Sea World and Wet ‘n’ Wild.

This aquarium has remarkable marine life, some of the biggest sharks in the world and a shopping centre.

*Pssst: You can interact with dolphins up close here.

Here’s a list of other places that you can visit in Durban

Durban Botanic Gardens
Phansi Museum
Gandhi Settlement
Temple of Understanding

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