Welcome to the city of sunshine!

Welcome to the city of sunshine!

The city of Kimberly has a daily sunshine average of 9 and a half hours, it’s home to the world’s largest man-made excavation, and it lies surrounded by five rivers.

The city’s history started off with the discovery of diamonds. And this very fact has glittered the city’s past with mines, considerable conflict and a few British businessmen making heavy bucks.

Kimberly was the second city in the world to have street lights installed in its infrastructure and the first city in Africa to have a stock exchange.

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Overview of Kimberly

Currently, Kimberly serves as the seats of Provincial Legislature and Provincial Administration in the Northern Cape.

It’s proudly called the City that Sparkles, for its numerous attractions, including the world’s biggest hole.

Kimberly has been an important rendezvous. For that purpose, it has developed the Mittah Seperepere Convention Centre. The city has hosted the founding meeting and follow up meeting of the Kimberley Process. And was the venue for the International Indigenous People’s Summit in 2002.

Climate & People

Kimberly can get hot. With it getting hottest January. The average high temperature in January is 32.8°C. However, from March till October the weather remains quite pleasant, with the temperature remaining firmly under 30 Celsius.

It gets coldest in July where the average coldest temperature is 2.8°C.


Kimberley has approximately 225,155 people1. And the diverse city is divided up like so -

Black: 63.1%
Coloured: 26.8%
Indian/Asian: 1.2%
White: 8%
Other: 0.9%


4 main languages are spoken in Kimberley. English, Afrikaans, Tswana and Xhosa.

This is how they’re divided up.

Afrikaans: 43.2%
English 8.7%
Tswana 35.8%
Xhosa 6%
Others 6.3%
Things to do in Kimberley

1. Visit the big hole!

Over 150 years ago, a child found a beautiful looking pebble here. Soon afterwards when it was discovered that the ‘pebble’ was indeed a  21.25-carat diamond, the land became a beacon for literal ‘gold diggers’.

They dug and dug and left behind a big giant hole in their wake. What you now see as a beautiful hole. It has a surface area of 17 hectares and the perimeter of the circle is 1.6 kilometres.

Come here to breathe in the diamond rush. Head off to some fabulous shops nearby to relax.

2. Honoured dead Memorial

During the Anglo-Boer War when Kimberley was laid under siege, many residents of the city were martyred trying to defend their hometown.

This memorial is in honour for those heroes. If not for the deep tales tied to the memorial, its very aesthetics make it a worthwhile visit.

3. Kamfers Dam

Just 6 kilometres from Kimberley is this wonder. The Kamfers Dam is the largest Lesser Flamingo breeding ground in the whole of Southern Africa. It’s heaven for birdwatchers with 60,000 - 80,000 Lesser Flamingos.

4. Haunted Corners and Ghosts Trail Tour

Legend says that when it's dark in Kimberley, the ghosts come out. And then the ghosts roam freely.

Go to the infamously haunted places of the city on this tour and tell your family and friends that the ghosts are for real!

Here are some other worthwhile places to visit in Kimberley:

Wildebeest Kuil Rock Art Centre.
Vintage Tram.
William Humphreys Art Gallery.
Sol Plaatje Museum.
Mcgregor Museum.
Cathedral Church Of St Cyprian The Martyr.
Site Of The Battle Of Magersfontein.

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