Hello! Welcome to the City of Nelspruit/Mbombela!

Hello! Welcome to the City of Nelspruit/Mbombela!

Nelspruit was declared a municipality in 1940, the city is now called Mbombela and is the proud capital of Mpumalanga.

We think that this city to be the best spot to start exploring the province of Mpumalanga.

Mbombela is the gateway to Kruger National Park, the largest wildlife reserve in South Africa.

And the city happens to be right next to the Crocodile River.

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The city is one of the least populated cities of South Africa, even so, Mbombela is home to a significant number of indigenous people of Africa.

Residents that live in the suburbs belong to tribes that age back centuries.


Mbombela is home to a lot of entertainment venues, and over the past decade, the small town has transformed into a city.

Now, the capital of Mpumalanga is a rich blend of people and cultures.

The city has a large number of English speakers, Tsonga speakers, Pedi speakers, Swazi speakers, Mozambican speakers, Afrikaans, Dutch, German and even French!

Climate and People


The summers in Nelspruit are hot while the winters are mild. Due to it being a Subtropical Region, humidity levels are high. However, because the city is perched up high, summers are pleasant compared to other South African cities.

In the night, temperatures fall low.

The hottest month in this city is the month of February (20 degrees Celsius), and the coldest month is July (12 degrees Celsius).


According to statistics, the population of Nelspruit is 58,670.

The population groups are following -

Black Africans: 41.1%
White: 49.3%
Asian: 4.9%
Coloured: 4.0%
Others: 0.7%


The following languages are prominent in Nelspruit:


Unique Places in the City

1. Shangana Cultural Village

Discover the way of life of the Shangaan residents!

Check the history of the village’s residents’ in the charming village museum.

The village also has a market called the ‘Marula’. Here, you can find craftworks from local people, and if you happen to be visiting during a festival, you’ll get to see local people dancing, singing and serving traditional beer.

2. Sudwala Caves

Approximately 240 million years ago, the Sudwala caves came into being.

The caves stretch to 600 meters in length and are situated 150 meters under the ground.

3. Lowveld National Botanical Garden

A beautiful place!

This garden is home to a range of annual concerts, with musicians flying in from all over the world.

The area receives ample rainfall, keeping it evergreen. And the waterfalls and different species of plant life add to the scenic beauty of the place.

Other places to visit in Nelspruit/Mbombela: 

Panorama Route
Pilgrims Route

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