Behold, Port Elizabeth!

Behold, Port Elizabeth!

Port Elizabeth another port city of South Africa and it lies at the Algoa Bay of the Indian Ocean.

The Governor of Cape Colony named the city after his wife, Elizabeth.

Initially, the British discovered port was in 1820. And the port was soon promoted to a town in 1861.
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The literacy rate in Port Elizabeth is a high 94.4%.

The city is known for hosting several events, including the FIFA world cup in 2010.

The city is also home to well known Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.


Port Elizabeth is famous for its museums and ocean life aquariums!

It also has accessible surf-worthy beaches and parks and reserves for endangered wildlife.

Because of the city’s affiliation with Nelson Mandela, there is an art and culture industry under the banner of ‘Nelson Mandela Bay’ which ensures the city keeps up with its artistic values.

Climate and People

The hottest month in the city is January with an average temperature of 22 °C.

The coldest month in Port Elizabeth is the month of June, where the temperature drops to 15 °C.

If you want sunshine, we suggest you head to Port Elizabeth in September.


The population of Port Elizabeth, according to statistics, is 312,392.

There are about five racial groups present in the city. They can be divided like the following -

Black Africans: 51.09%
White: 13.73%
Coloured: 30.28%
Asian: 3.89%
Others: 1.01%


The most prominent languages in Port Elizabeth are the following:

Afrikaans: 40.2%
English: 33.2%
Xhosa: 22.2%
Other languages: 4.3%

Must visit places in the City!

1. Donkin Reserve

A hilltop park with a lighthouse nearby. Head to the top of the Lighthouse and let the surroundings take you to a different world.

2. South End Museum

Before the apartheid, South End used to be a multicultural district. Then the district was visited by a bunch of friendly bulldozers. They destroyed the area. And people had to be relocated to different areas according to their race.

The exhibits present in the South End Museum present the fascinating history of ‘South End’. Don’t miss this!


Everyone loves penguins, aren’t they the cutest?

Head over to SANCCOB to see the world’s remaining 25000 breeding pairs of African Penguins.

You’ll be able to witness the penguins up close. When you’ve satisfied your eyeballs, take a walk along the coastal trails and enjoy the light breeze of the ocean.

Make sure to explore these other places in Port Elizabeth too: 

Kings Beach
Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum
No. 7 Castle Hill

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